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The Girl on the Bus (Dommissimma, #2) Raven McAllan

The Girl on the Bus (Dommissimma, #2)

Raven McAllan

Published October 11th 2013
Kindle Edition
35 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ahhhh I love Raven. Not only is she a pretty awesome person, but shes an amazing author and writer. She gave me the chance to read and review this book and Im so excited that she did. I need more of Tay and Julia. Honestly I loved every second of this book...and in reading this book its like going to Ceder Point. You are super stoked to get to the park and you see the new roller coaster you want to ride. You go get in line and the excitement to get on the ride take over. You keep moving further up the line and now youre next to get on. You finally get on the ride in your seat and buckled in and yes youre all set to go. The cars take off and start to head up the hill to start the ride. Climbing foot by foot until youre towering over the entire pack and youre close to the top. Just a few more feet and youll be at the top and on your way down to fun. And you are just crossing the top ready to fall and that thrill is about to come and you just stop half way down the hill. Thats what this book did to me.This book had an amazing start and plot and everything...but it was just like tasting you. I want to know more. For me this book was just the start of Julia and Tays story....and I want more. When we start out reading this book Tay is driving along and he happens to look up at a bus and sees Silver hair. Could it be? 5 years ago his Tay hard in that moment. Shared moments with a woman and her silver hair. He follows the bus only to lose the girl and feeling crazy he continues on to his destination.While at work Julia finds herself come face to face (so to speak) with someone from her past. And she finds out his real nam...Tay. Five years ago Julia and some friends went to a BDSM club to check it out and possibly test it out some. This is where Julia and Tay first meet...although names arent given and his face is hidden Julia knows that voice anywhere. Tay feels like he knows Julia....he feels like hes finally found his Silver. However, this reunion doesnt go the way Tay hoped it would. Has Tay finally found his Silver only to have her slip through his fingers again? Will she finally give in? Will Julia get what she wants? Will Tay find another way? Theres so many questions that need to be answered and most get answered in this book. This book is a short read and it AMAZING!!! But Im dying to know what is going to happen next for Tay and what will happen for Julia.