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Asia Alone Simon S Tay

Asia Alone

Simon S Tay

Published December 23rd 2011
ISBN : 9781283372466
256 pages
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 About the Book 

An insightful examination of the changing relationship between Asia and the United StatesIn this lucidly written and thought-provoking book, author Simon Tay highlights the accelerating trends that point to Asia increasingly forging its own path, independent of the United States. He also describes the fundamental changes and new policy directions needed to maintain and strengthen the bonds between Asia and the United States that have been beneficial to both since the end of the Second World War.On the eve of the global financial crisis of 2008, the economies of the United States and its Asian partners were deeply interdependent. But the different approaches taken to the crisis by Asian and Western leaders point to a new separation that may have negative consequences for the economies and businesses of both regions. To avoid a dangerous divide that may make us all the poorer, Tay reveals what leaders, policy-makers, companies, and citizens can do to find a balance that enriches us all.Written by a leading public intellectual CNNs Fareed Zakaria describes as one of the most intelligent and reliable guides to the regionTouches on major issues in foreign policy and economics that will impact Asian nations and the United States over the near futureExplains the changing nature of economic relations in the global economy For foreign policy followers, politicians, and businesspeople, Asia Alone charts a path forward--together.