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Lost Angel Louisa Trent

Lost Angel

Louisa Trent

Published December 13th 2013
ISBN : 9781494481995
226 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Newly revised and re-edited Art insurance investigator Steven Gallagher is prepared to bleed for Emily Parker. Though shes a liar and a thief, a former juvenile delinquent, and Steves damn sure shes involved somewhere in his new Cuzin case, her guilt doesnt matter to him. He doesnt care about any of it, including the absolute fact that shes using him... and sex... to get whatever the hell it is shes after. Regardless of everything-ethics, morality, the law-regardless that he swore off women years before, Steve falls hard for the foul-mouthed little con artist, a streetwise gutsy chick who refuses to let a bad past beat her down. To keep Emily safe, hell do whatever it takes, put it all on the line- And keep her in line too, even if he has to apply his dominant streak to her naughty little backside. Shell get everything she needs from him. Except his trust. No way is Steve trusting his LOST ANGEL.